Infectious Disease Monitor

FarmVets SouthWest are launching a new disease monitor.

We offer testing for five of the biggest infectious diseases affecting herds.

By knowing the relevant disease levels on your farm, we can offer the most current advice to help plan for a profitable future.

Key reasons to act...

Disease   Effects 

 Poor fertility: decreased conception rates, early embryonic deaths and abortion.

 Poor calf immunity leading to increase in scours & respiratory disease.

 Leptospirosis   Poor fertility. Abortions. Milk Drop
 IBR  Poor fertility. Abortions. Respiratory disease in adults, can cause death
 Fluke  Poor production. Poor fertility. Poor immunity generally. Poor colostrum quality 
 Johne's  Untreatable adult scours causing eventual death. Decreases herd health generally.
How it works
You send us 2 bulk milk samples per year for the diseases you choose to monitor.
Your vet will interpret the results and recommend a plan for future actions.
Testing Charges
Subsidised £7 per disease per test = £14 per disease per year
Infectious Diseases