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September Newsletter

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Newsletter September 2010

A New Branch for FarmVets SouthWest

Farm Vets South West have opened a new branch at Stopgate Filling Station in Yarcombe on the A303 next to the junction with the Corfe road to Taunton. We hope that this will be very convenient for existing clients in that area. Please phone Sue and Maggie at Stopgate with any enquiries, 01404 861214.

 New Faces at FVSW
We are very sorry to have to tell you that Steven is leaving us. The bearded man, who has been with Farm Vets South West since the beginning, is following his heart to Shepton Mallet. If you would like to give Steve a proper send off then please come to the Compass Inn @ Jcn 24 on Thursday 16th September (7.30-9.30).

We would like to thank Steve for all his hard work over the years.

Steven will be replaced by Joe Davies, a highly experienced farm animal vet who comes to us from Bideford. Joe, who is 10 years qualified, has recently returned from a working trip to New Zealand. We feel sure that Joe will be a valuable addition to the Farm Vets South West team.

Client Meeting September 2010 Farm Vets South West are pleased to announce a talk by: Dr Andrew Bradley MRCVS

Dr Bradley is a world authority on the control and prevention of mastitis. It will take place at Sedgemoor Market on the 21st of September. Please arrive at 7pm for a 7.30 start. There will be food after the event as well as a complimentary bar. In order that we may get catering sorted for the event, please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to attend.


Bull Fertility

We have been testing a lot of bulls this month after complaints of cows returning or poor PD sessions. A drop in fertility in bulls can have many causes from lameness to testicular infections. A pre-breeding soundness check of bulls can detect problems before they become a disasters because of high numbers of empty cows. A bull exam costs £150, with discounts when testing more than one bull, which includes a full physical exam plus semen collection and analysis. Our ram fertility exam costs £60 also with discounts or multiple rams.

A Replacement for Metritcure

Metricure syringes will be temporarily unavailable andwill be replaced by Cevaxil. Cevaxil is a powder that has to be reconstituted with water (like the old powdered Excenel). Each reconstituted 20 ml bottle will treat two cows (10mls per treatment) and works out the same price as Metricure. Since no available drug is licensed for intrauterine treatment the use of Cefenil for this purpose will mean a 7 day milk and 28 day meat withhold.We are now stocking catheters that will fit normal syringes. These catheters can be washed and re-used and cost £1.60 plus VAT.