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Farm Walk

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Farm Walk 

We would like to thank Ray and Keith Barrow for the invite to talk at their recent open day at Halsey Cross Farm.  It was a very successful day with many attendees and presentations from different agricultural suppliers.

Halsey Cross has shown an excellent improvement in recent years on performance in the suckler herd.  This has been as a result of focusing on nutrition, herd health and fertility work.


 Key Points

  1. Compact calving is vital – the target is 90% of cows calved within 9 weeks.
  2. Suckler cow performance is significantly influenced by Body Condition Score…
  3. …. and Dietery Energy.
  4. Copper is the most important trace element.
  5. Fertility test bulls before breeding.
  6. Avoid dystocia (hard calving).
  7. Vaccinate where necessary – Lepto, BVD and Rotavec Corona especially.