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But not far!  Due to our ever increasing burden of paperwork and decreasing amount of storage space for all the medicines, we have decided to move to bigger premises.  We are moving our Bridgwater branch from Unit 1 at Sedgemoor Market to Unit 8 at Sedgemoor Market (below the NFU).  We are moving on the 1st March.  Our new address is very similar:

FarmVets SouthWest


Sedgemoor Auction Centre

Market Way

North Petherton



Farmers Meeting


“Best youngstock performance through best health”


We want to make this an interactive evening, so bring your thinking caps. We will be covering a number of essential elements for successful calf rearing, such as nutrition and disease prevention.

To encourage people to join in the discussion we will limit the group size. There have already been 2 meetings on successfully rearing dairy calves and now it’s the turn of beef calves.  The meeting will be held on:


7th March at Sedgemoor Market starting at 7pm and lasting for 3 hours


Free bar and free food


This meeting is open to all clients and non-clients; Places are limited, so please call any of our offices to guarantee your place. We look forward to seeing you.




We would like to extend our best wishes and a speedy recovery to our colleague Fabio who suffered a double facture in his arm during a recent TB test.


Heathly Livestock Initiative Johne’s Meeting


On March 14th at 7pm we will be holding an introductory meeting to the Johne’s disease strand of the South West Healthy Livestock Initiative. If you have not yet attended an introductory meeting but are interested in learning more about Johne’s and starting the whole process then please register an interest at one of our branches.


The meeting will be held in the Huntworth Suite at Sedgemoor Auction Centre, tea and refreshments will be provided.


Twin Lamb Disease   


Twin lamb disease (TLD), as most of you will know, is caused by a shortage of energy in the diet of ewes close to lambing.  However, another disease to bear in mind is hypocalcaemia which is low blood calcium levels. If a ewe has TLD it can cause hypocalcaemia and vice-versa.  We would recommend that all ewes suspected of having either one are treated for both. 


Calciject no. 6, available in 400ml bottles, contains calcium and dextrose (sugar); 80mls under the skin will treat both conditions.  Selekt Glycerol is a very good follow up treatment for TLD that can be used as long as the ewes have a good swallowing reflex. 


If the ewe has collapsed then it may need to be delivered straight into the vein so please give us a ring and we will attend as soon as possible.