Repeat Breeder Treatments

Designed for cows who although seem to cycle regularly have failed to become pregnant.

Embryo Implantation: We implant embryos one week post-service. The second embryo doubles the signals given off by the uterus to tell the cow that she is in-calf.

Embryo Flask

Hormone Treatments: High yielding dairy cows have increased appetite. The subsequent increased blood flow to the liver helps it break down reproductive hormones more quickly. It follows that we need to supplement appropriate hormones at appropriate times.

Deep Uterine Washouts: We recently introduced a new treatment for repeat breeders and chronically dirty cows called Deep Uterine Washouts. This involves using a special catheter with an inflatable cuff on the end which is passed trough the cervix and down each horn of the uterus. Once in position the cuff is inflated and the horn is flushed with saline until it runs clear. Finally, an antibiotic (metricure) is injected down the catheter. This is then repeated with the other horn.

This treatment has worked well on repeat breeders so far with 30% of treated cows getting pregnant within the first 30 days after treatment. The reason that this treatment works so well is that one of the most common causes of repeat breeder is chronic low-grade endometritis. Some of these cows appear clean on ultrasound examination and have clean bulling string. Of those cows treated for chronic endometritis (at least 3 syringes of metricure used on separate occasions without success) 75% were clean at the next check with improvement in the severity of endometritis in over 95%