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Goat Services (Dairy and Meat Goats)

We work closely with Large Dairy Goat Herds and Boer Goat Herds throughout the South West.

· Targeted farm-specific health planning to maximise the health of your stock and the profitability and sustainability of your farm. Designed to meet the needs of any milk buyer or assurance scheme.

· Diet formulation and tailored nutritional advice specific to your system and farm.

· Advice on grazing systems, infrastructure and agroforestry systems where employed.

· Integrated Parasite Management planning for goat farms given the significant issue parasites present to the goat farming industry.

· Youngstock monitoring including colostrum checks, growth rate analysis and mineral supplementation review.

· Reproductive services including regular fertility reviews, synchronization, buck fertility testing and out-of-season breeding.

· Disbudding for kids undertaken by Vets experienced in disbudding kids.

· Infectious disease screening including those required for High Health Herd Schemes.

· Goat Producer Discussion Group facilitation and benchmarking.

· Mobility Scoring and Vaccination undertaken by our trained Vet Tech team.

· Competitive drug pricing.

We offer Consultancy services to goat farms far and wide, beyond our local area. Please contact the practice to find out more or email [email protected].