Infectious Disease Monitor

What is it? 

FVSW infectious Disease Monitor Scheme offers quarterly bulk milk testing for 4 of the biggest infectious diseases affecting herds: BVD, Leptospirosis, IBR, and Fluke. 

This is now an entirely automated service using your payment testing samples. This means no more reminders to bring a bulk milk sample to us in the office. We do it all for you! 

Why use it? 

These major diseases can be extremely damaging to your farm. By knowing the relevant disease levels on your farm we can act to offer the most current advice by your own vet to plan for a profitable future. This is particularly important if you don't vaccinate.

How does it work? 

You choose which of the 4 diseases you want us to test for and we do the rest! Your samples will be collected automatically every 3 months and tested in the same labs as your payment testing. Quarterly reports will then be sent to you and us, which we can then discuss together.

How much does it cost? 

£25+VAT per year, per disease tested. For this you get 4 tests per year and all reporting included in this cost. 

How do I sign up? 

Simply contact the office asking to sign up for Infectious Disease Monitoring, letting us know which of the 4 diseases you would like testing for and we will get you set up. For those already signed up to the original IDM scheme, please contact the office to confirm which diseases you still want testing.