What is it? 

Using Interherd+, a performance analysis and reporting program, FarmVets SouthWest can now extend their on farm herd health consultation to include written reports specifically tailored to your herd.

With direct links to NMR (and other milk recording services)

we can produce current and accurate reports on all aspects

of your herd’s performance, including: 

  • Mastitis - new cases, chronic cases, dry period performance, SCCs
  • Fertility - calving intervals, service intervals, conception rates
  • Production - milk profiles, fat/protein monitoring, general cow performance 


How will it benefit my herd? 

Tailored reports specific to your own farm performance and targets 

Benchmarking allowing comparison to your own annual performance or to other herds 

Integrated reporting at routine visits or as a separate consultation 


What is required of me?  


The more accurate you record, the more accurate we can report! 

Regardless of your recording method (NMR full or DIY, green sheets or on farm computer programs) records must be kept up to date and accurate. This includes recording DAILY: 

ALL Milk yields

ALL Services

ALL Calvings

ALL PDs – even if they are PD negative!

 ALL Mastitis Cases

ALL Lameness Cases 

For more information, speak to any of our vets