Nutrition Services

At FarmVets SouthWest we are proud to offer an unrivalled nutrition service to farms in the south-west. As Vets, we are uniquely placed to asses all aspects of feeding affecting production and health. We offer everything from silage sampling, diet formulation using the latest computer software (“Diet-check”) to support on the ground with cow-side monitoring and advice.



Currently farmers use us in different ways:

Full first opinion service with David Taylor BVetMed MRCVS DipRN.

David holds a diploma in Ruminant Nutrition-one of only two Vets in the country to do so. He is “the nutrionist” and will devise diets and feeding systems to suit your cows. He will help you source the best value and best quality cakes, straights and blends. He also monitors performance fully in both a production and health context, and yes the two do go together!

Second opinion work

Very few things are more important or costly than the ration given to your cows. Surely it makes sense to have a second opinion so a diet can be fed with confidence? Any of our Vets can check your rations.

Trouble shooting

Production not what you expected? Cows scouring? Too many Das? Milk fevers above target? Get us involved and almost certainly we’ll tackle the problem which inevitably means going through the diets. Available to clients and non-clients