At FarmVets SouthWest our experienced team provide a comprehensive and progressive service for our sheep clients - be they commercial farms, pedigree flocks or smallholders. We are focused on driving farm efficiency and maximising flock health, welfare and productivity.
24 hour emergency service
We provide veterinary cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all of your farm emergencies.
Bespoke health planning
Working with our farmers, we build bespoke, comprehensive health plans which comply with Red Tractor standards and ensure that targets for animal welfare, biosecurity and productivity are met. We implement health protocols that will help maximise the output on your farm and monitor growth rates, disease instances and mortality data.
Fertility management
We offer services such as pre-tupping assessments (Ram MOTs), ewe pelvimetry to aid ewe selection and teaser vasectomies to improve flock synchronisation. We offer pre-lambing metabolic profiling to monitor the energy and protein status in healthy groups of ewes.
Flock lameness and mobility
Lameness remains a significant welfare and economic issue for sheep flocks in the UK. Our practice advocates the adoption of the Five Point Plan and offers a mobility package to help reduce lameness in your flock.
Health status accreditation
Joining an accredited flock health scheme helps you to monitor and eliminate disease from your flock. This will reduce economic losses from sick animals, increase productivity, improve biosecurity and increase the sale value of breeding animals which can be accredited as ‘disease free’. We can work with you to carry out annual tests and monitor disease status.                                                                                                                                                                                Laboratory
We have our own in-house laboratory where we can provide a quick turnaround of investigations such as worm egg counts and parasites. We also have access to an extensive range of testing services through dedicated laboratories within our veterinary group.
Infectious disease monitoring
We offer cost effective screening for diseases such as enzootic abortion, toxoplasma, MV and Johne’s. This may be subsidised - please speak to your vet for more information.
Discounted farm medicines
Thanks to the greater buying power from being part of vetPartners, we are pleased to pass on to you some significantly reduced farm medicine prices - particularly vaccines and targeted worming treatments. Please ask our practice reception for details.
Flock Health Club
We offer an annual Flock Health Scheme to sheep farmers which offers discounts on services vital to
maintain and improve flock health. We host meetings (face to face and virtual) and visits to local farms
and businesses to help keep members up to date on the latest developments in flock health. 
Farm dog and cat worming
We recommend that on a working farm, worming of working dogs should be carried out because they
carry adult tapeworms which can infect sheep causing carcase condemnation in the abattoir. Top nonconfirmances registered during farm inspections include dog and cat worming not being recorded.