Sheep Services

Sheep service list





As well as the usual medical, surgical and obstetrical services (e.g. diagnosis and treatment of sick sheep, lambings, caesareans), we offer the following:

Pregnant ewes & lambing time

  • Metabolic profiling (pregnant ewes)
  • Housing and feeding assessment
  • Lamb mortality reviews

Parasite control

  • Faecal worm egg counts
  • Fluke egg counts
  • Parasite control plans (inc. worms, fluke, sheep scab, fly-strike, lice etc.)
  • Testing for anthelmintic (wormer & flukicide) resistance

Sheep reproduction

  • Ram breeding soundness examinations
  • Ram vasectomy (teaser production)
  • Breeding season advancement and synchronisation
  • Investigation of poor reproductive performance
  • Abortion control advice

Disease diagnosis & control

  • Ill-thrift/poor growth rate investigations
  • On-farm post-mortem
  • Vaccination protocols
  • Quarantine protocols
  • Lameness control plans

General services

  • Flock health plans